Thanks for the attention! provides ODU software and data recovery service.
If you need to buy ODU software license or data recovery service, please contact us using the following information:


Supported payment methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal, the account is
  • Alipay, the account is

Please confirm and provide the following information before your buy:

  • The database version and the description of damage.
  • Whether the damaged database using ASM, if you use ASM, you need to purchase additional ODU software ASM license.
  • Whether the purchase is on an individual basis or on business
  • Just purchase ODU software license or purchase both ODU software license and data recovery service.

Solemnly declaration:

  • If you only purchase ODU software license, then we are not responsible for the data unload operation, you need to use ODU to unload data by yourself. Of course, we will provide necessary technical support including modify ODU source code, while the website ( will also provides a detailed operation guideline.
  • If you purchase ODU software license and data recovery service, we are only responsible for unloading the data into dmp/text files, you need to import these files into the database by yourself.
  • ODU software and data recovery service are not guaranteed 100% to recover your data, how much data can be recovered is depend on how much of your data is corrupted and how much of your data is overwritten.