OracleODU is one of the most professional technical team of Oracle database recovery in China. It is determined to provide professional services on Oracle database backup and recovery for the domestic and foreign customers. Our aim is to help customers to salvage the data as much as possible.

Jun Xiong:
Oracle ACEOracle ACE, Jun is also known as “Lao Xiong” in the technical community. He is currently engaged in providing professional technical services on Oracle database. The service targets including telecommunications, finance, insurance, manufacturing, other government agencies and industry clients. He has a solid theoretical foundation and abundant practical experience on Oracle database, dealt with a lot of performance tuning and data recovery cases. He is the author of ODU which works for data recovery in case of no backup.



Hua Cui:
Oracle ACE DirectorOracle ACE Director, Hua has in-depth understanding of Oracle’s backup and recovery mechanisms, familiar with a variety of backup methods, can handle data recovery cases under different situations, including those without backup. Hua is also known as “dbsnake” in the technical community.

Mobile: +86-139 1012 2046


Published four Oracle Database related books since 2010.
These four books are:
《SQL Tuning Based on CBO》, author, published in Nov. 2013,
《Oracle DBA Notebook 3》, co-author, published in Sep. 2011
《Oracle DBA Notebook 2》, co-author, published in Nov. 2010
《Solutions for Massive Data in Oracle Database》, one of the three reviser, published in Oct. 2010